Lecturer and Author

Mr. Gorlin has lectured on the subject of international trade, high technology and intellectual property rights before corporate, legal and academic groups both in the United States and abroad. He has participated in seminars and workshops in China, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Egypt, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Lithuania, Austria and Hungary on the importance of patent and data protection for pharmaceutical products for the economic development of developing countries and was a featured speaker at the EU-US Workshops on Intellectual Property in Washington, DC in October, 1997, and in Rome, Italy in May, 1996. He chaired the panels on intellectual property at the 34th and 35th sessions of the World Congress of the International Chamber of Commerce in 2002 and 2004. Mr. Gorlin was a member of the Oversight Committee for and a featured speaker at the Conference on Global Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights in Science and Technology, which was sponsored by the National Research Council and held in Washington, DC in January, 1992.

Mr. Gorlin is the author of An Analysis of the Pharmaceutical-related Provisions of the WTO TRIPS (Intellectual Property) Agreement, published by the Intellectual Property Institute of London, and A Trade Based Approach for the International Copyright Protection for Computer Software, which provided the model for what later became known as the WTO TRIPS Agreement; and co-author of Financing Third World Development. He has also contributed to numerous collections on intellectual property protection, including Global Competition: The Role of Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights and Capital Formation in the Next Decade. Mr. Gorlin's monograph, "Foreign Trade and the Constitution," appeared in Foreign Policy and the Constitution, published by the American Enterprise Institute.

Mr. Gorlin’s articles have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal (European edition), the Journal of Commerce, Scrip Magazine and other international publications. He has been a guest commentator on All Things Considered (National Public Radio) and other public affairs programs. Mr. Gorlin has also provided commentary for the French language news services of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and has participated in numerous Worldnet programs sponsored by the U.S. Information Agency and aimed at business audiences around the world.

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