Recent Services Provided by The Gorlin Group

Industry Coalition Management
Established and managed cross-industry coalition to provide international advocacy in support of full patentability of biotechnology inventions.

U.S. Government Representation
Assisted in gaining U.S. Government support and intervention in a country whose weak laws permitted wholesale infringement and copying of a client's products.

Strategy Development and Implementation
Worked with local pharmamceutical industry representatives to enact legislation and regulations to gain TRIPS/FTA-level intellectual property protection in key countries.

Assistance in New Product Launches
Provided advice to company team on expected intellectual property enforcement issues in key countries.

Optimization of Market Exclusivity
Developed TRIPS-based arguments and strategy and provided advice to leverage intellectual property protection in support of client's post-launch marketing efforts for specific products.

Assistance in Legal Defense
Assisted company legal team in developing TRIPS-based rebuttals to public policy compulsory license applications.

Public Diplomacy
At client's request, provided economic and commercial rationales for improved intellectual property protection to key foreign government officials.

Ongoing Analysis of International Intellectual Property-related Developments
Provided analysis of critical intellectual property developments to senior management.

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