What Others Say about The Gorlin Group

"I have worked closely with Jacques Gorlin for over 20 years on intellectual property and trade issues. His knowledge of the issues and his extensive relationships with those involved in industry and governments around the world are unsurpassed."

--Peter C. Richardson, Senior Assistant General Counsel, Pfizer Inc.

"Gorlin played a role that is difficult to overestimate. Gorlin articulated a coherent new vision for enveloping IP protection in a trade context and demonstrated impressive intellectual entrepreneurship in connecting the two issues in a very specific way."

--Susan K. Sell, Private Power, Public Law (2003)


"[Gorlin's] negotiating history [of the TRIPS negotiations] will be invaluable to those seeking to understand the obligations of the TRIPS agreement and will help both developed and developing countries realize the benefits of this agreement."

--Ambassador Clayton K. Yeutter, United States Trade Representative (1985-1988)
From the Foreword to An Analysis of the Pharmaceutical-Related Provisions of the WTO TRIPS (Intellectual Property) Agreement (1999)

"Individuals like Gorlin...were Washington legal and economic entrepreneurs who got things done..."

--Peter Drahos with John Braithwaite, Informational Feudalism (2002)

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