What's New at The Gorlin Group?

Since its establishment in September 2005, the American BioIndustry Alliance (ABIA), with Jacques Gorlin at its helm, has become the address for industry views on the CBD/TRIPS issue.  For more information on the ABIA and its activities in defense of the full patentability of biotechnological inventions, go to www.abialliance.com.

On April 26, 2006, Jacques Gorlin was the kick-off speaker at the World Intellectual Property Day Forum sponsored by the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) in Washington, DC.  Drawing on his long experience in international intellectual property negotiations and, especially, his close involvement in the TRIPS negotiations, Gorlin reviewed the positive impact of strong intellectual property protection on the economic development of the developing countries.

Jacques Gorlin’s article on “Additional Patent Disclosure Requirements for Biotech Inventions in Play in WTO, WIPO and CBD,” appeared in the February 2006 issue of Know IP–Stockholm Network Monthly Bulletin on IPRs.

Jacques Gorlin served as an official industry observer at the Fourth meeting of the CBD Ad-Hoc Open-Ended Working Group on Access and Benefit Sharing held in Granada, Spain in February, 2006.

In his capacity as Vice Chair of ITAC-15, Jacques Gorlin served as an industry advisor to the US Delegation to the 2005 (Sixth) Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization held in Hong Kong, SAR in December 2005. 

In February 2005, Jacques Gorlin gave the keynote address, “A Historical Perspective on Data Exclusivity,” at the International Workshop on Data Exclusivity in Beijing, China. The Workshop was supported by the WTO Affairs Department of MOFCOM and sponsored by RDPAC, the R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association in China, and CAEFI, China Association of Enterprise with Foreign Investment. A Senior Chinese Official attending the Workshop called Gorlin
"a true expert.”

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